download-2It’s been six long years since the Jets last made the playoffs. In 2009 the Jets drafted Mark Sanchez with the 5th overall pick out of USC. Jets fans had finally though this franchise had found there quarterback of the future. In 2009 Sanchez rookie season he lead the Jets to the 2009 AfC championship only to lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was okay at the time though as Sanchez had showed the Jets had a bright future. The 2010 season could not of been any better, that year the Jets once again made it to the AFC championship game, but once again lost to the Indianapolis Colts. This time around it was a hard loss for Jets fans, but we still had hope for the next season. Rex Ryan seemed to be a great head coach and Sanchez played the role of the franchise quarterback. Then came the 2011 season in which the Jets went 8-8 finished 2nd in the division and missed the playoffs. This was a disappointment being the past two years of making it deep into the playoffs. In 2012 is when it came to light that the Jets were the same old Jets. This was the year of the butt fumble. Thanksgiving night against the well hated Patriots Mark Sanchez face first into the butt of one of his players and fumbled the ball, making the Jets the laughing stock of the NFL. To this day I still hear about the butt fumble.

The Jets went on to draft Geno Smith out of West Virginia with there second round pick in 2012. Many Jets fans including myself were scratching our heads. Why would we waste such a high draft pick on a player who would turn out to be an average quarterback at best? We all know where that lead us. Rex Ryan was fired and in come coach Todd Bowles a fresh start. New Jets GM Mike Maccagnan came in and set the Jets up with what seemed like a good draft. In the 4th round of 2015 the Jets drafted another quarterback in Bryce Petty. Petty known as the gunslinger, played in a non traditional pro offense. The Jets signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to compete with Geno Smith. In training camp smith was punched by a teammate and his jaw was broken. This lead to Fitzpatrick becoming the Jets starter. Fitzpatrick was a journeyman, one who had never made the playoffs. In 2015 that looked like it was about to change. The Jets went into the final game of the season against division rival the Buffalo Bills, needless to say only to lay and egg and lose to a Bills team that had no business beating the Jets. The ironic part is former Jets head coach Rex Ryan was the coach of the Bills and once again Rex Ryan kept the Jets out of the playoffs.

The 2016 year began and once again the Jets used a 2nd round draft pick on another quarterback, drafting Christian Hackenburg. This was another head scratcher being the Jets used such a high draft pick on a player who was nothing but a risk. The 2016 Jets once again came into the season ranked as one of the better teams and were expected to make the playoffs. Well it’s December of 2016 and the Jets look like they could be the worst team in football. Yes I know the Cleveland Browns have not won a game.

So after that long history of the Jets since 2009 here is the real problem the New York Jets have. They are owned by a man named Woody Johnson who has not one clue about football. Johnson once said he would rather have a republican become President than his own team win a super bowl. Woody has hired two coaches since 2009 that have been complete failures. Todd Bowles has lost the locker room and his team has not come out to play. The Jets are so desperate to find that Franchise quarterback that they keep on wasting high draft picks every year on a sub par quarterback. So that being said Woody Johnson will you please put the team up for sale and allow and allow the team to find an owner who cares more about winning than being the headline on the back of a paper? It’s time Jets fans have an organization to be proud of, and this will not happen until you step down or sell the team.