There has been an epidemic of severe pulmonary illness associated with Black Market vaping products. Patients aged from 15 – 46 have had usage of a cannabis derived vaped product prior to becoming ill to the disease. This is really bad for the vaping market. These cases are all affiliated with “off the street” cannabis vapes. Dealers handing out illegitimate cartridges is going to give people too ignorant to do more research, reasons to dispute the battle of vapes and cannabis derived products.


Trusted Buyer


So, in all reality it is definitely the consumer’s fault for purchasing an illegitimate cartridge from a very untrustworthy source. These types of cartridges are legal in areas in the United States. Said vaping cartridges are able to be purchased from most dispensaries, so people already have a brand and name to mimic. First and foremost, buy from a trusted source if you plan on partaking in any type of cannabis activity. Secondly, these people are obviously taking brand names and sticking them on their bootleg versions in the hope to deceive their buyers.


What’s the Difference?


The difference is that the vaping products that are produced by the dispensaries are approved and legal. They have gone through vigorous testing in hopes of being a retail product for distribution. Companies take a tremendous amount of time perfecting these products to be able to sell on the shelf. Whereas, these “black market” cannabis vaping products are from an unknown source. With the ability to call their product anything without you truly knowing.

These “black market” cannabis vaping products all were tested to show having very high levels of vitamin E acetate. This is used as a thickener for the found in these illegal cannabis vaping products. The vitamin E oil is permeating the membrane in the lungs and causing the cells to malfunction leading to this lung disease. Ideally, measures are taken to diminish the “black market” cannabis vaping product problem. Until then, buy from a trusted source and stay safe.