The Transportation Security Administration just implemented new pat-down rules at airports nationwide.

The new rules rules are intended to find any weapons on the body or in clothing worn by passengers.

In the past, different kinds of pat-downs were used if a person set off a metal detector or alarm. Now, the new comprehensive pat-downs will be used.

“I do find it a little bit of an invasion of privacy,” said passenger Kristine Seitz of Oldsmar. “I understand the need for concern. And I think they have to apply some common sense,” she said.

The new pat-down laws must be done by someone of the same gender and will include any body parts of the body including breasts, groin, and buttocks.

A 2015 study found the TSA failed in 67 of 70 attempts to find concealed items when passed through checkpoints. That’s a 95% failure.

Tell us what you think. Do you think these new rules are going overboard, or is this a good way to stop unwanted weapons on board a plane?