How many times have you ever lost your belongings, or lost track of it?

“Tile” provides your items with a voice, and makes sure you are still connected to your belongings. How does it work, it has a tiny Bluetooth tracker installed in it that will help you find your item anywhere. It is very useful especially when you are the clumsy kind of person and tend to forget where you put your things at.

To set it up is also very simple, simply download the app on your phone or tablet, turn on the Tile, and place the Tile with your important things, and you are good to go.

If you happen to misplaced your item, simply go on to the app and pick your connected item. The Tile Meter will tell you how close the item is, and play a tune to indicate the location. If your item is totally lost or stolen, the app will show you when was the last time the item was seen, and also will notify the other Tile users to be on the lookout. Once found, the GPS of your item location will be sent to you.

Tiles doesn’t need to charge, and it is guaranteed to last for about a year.