Achieve Nirvana With Nervana Nerve Stimulating Headphones!


NERVANA provides a safe and natural way to change how people feel and experience the world. Essentially Achieving Nirvana through Nervana! I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of this product prior to using it myself. I saw the viral videos titled “These Headphones Get You High”. Well let me tell you firsthand, they do not necessarily get you high, more like half a glass to a full glass of wine relaxed, knocking the day’s edge off, without the harmful effects of the alcohol itself.

The patented mechanism in the conductive earplug actually sends a small electrical signal to the inner part of the ear stimulating the Vagus Nerve. Once stimulated, their slogan “Stimulate Your Serenity” is exactly what you receive. This cutting edge breakthrough technology utilizes cutting edge science with proven medical journal studies to stimulate that nerve, bringing a euphoric feeling to the user, through electrical impulses in the inside of the left ear through music and sound waves. It is truly quite remarkable.

Nervana   Nervana

NERVANA is the only consumer product that synchronizes nerve stimulation with sound, allowing the user to experience qualities of music never felt before. It will almost make your eyes roll back in your head. It took me a few tries, but after about my third set I could definitely feel something changing within my body and mindset. The stress of the day was disappearing and the music was becoming more surreal and psychedelic almost. Invigorating is the word I prefer to use.

NERVANA can be achieved in the privacy of a favorite room or with friends at a concert. It is also portable and compatible with all music players and it can be used virtually anywhere by anyone, regardless of the user’s knowledge of music or technology.



Two brothers, both physicians, had an idea to take the best part of a surgically implanted nerve stimulation product and to provide it to users in a way that was entirely non-invasive. Drs. Richard and Daniel Cartledge formed NERVANA LLC, including a team of multi-disciplinary medical and intellectual property experts and engineers to make that dream a reality. The team created NERVANA – a breakthrough wearable consumer product that accesses the Vagus nerve without surgery or percutaneous action and does so in harmony with recorded and live music.


Dr. Richard Cartledge

MD, Co-Founder

Dr. Cartledge has two decades of experience in inventing, designing, and manufacturing cutting edge medical devices.


Dr. Daniel Cartledge

MD, Co-Founder

Double-board-certified in Pain Management and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dr. Daniel Cartledge specializes in interventional pain medicine and is an expert in neuro-electrical therapies to treat patients with chronic pain.


Ami Brannon

Co-Founder, CEO

Mrs. Brannon holds degrees in both Nursing and Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She brings with her almost 20 years of leadership experience in hospital administration and healthcare sector marketing. With a long history of project management, Mrs. Brannon has procured and directed specialized teams to execute construction and implementation of highly complex technologies to advance tertiary and quaternary care hospitals’ market share. As an entrepreneur, she is passionate about creating scientifically supported products that are not only widely accessible to consumers, but ones that can enhance the enjoyment of life in today’s uniquely complex world. Mrs. Brannon looks forward to creating jobs and fostering the fledgling tech industry in her native South Florida community.


Gregory L. Mayback


Mr. Mayback has a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University’s Engineering School.


Kermit Arthur Falk

Director of Engineering

Mr. Falk has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He has a strong passion for engineering, design and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the NERVANA team, he worked in the nanotechnology field for a start-up company near Tampa Bay, Florida. He successfully completed an ARPA•e project that demonstrated membrane-based dehumidification and was subsequently awarded funding for a Department of Defense chiller project. Mr. Falk has experience developing technology at both the Research & Development and commercially available levels.


Mike Feibus, wrote an interesting research brief retelling the history of Vagus Nerve Stimulation and how it came became a viable medical treatment delivered via implantable devices. It is the evolution of medical treatment using t-VNS devices. The brief also discusses some of the hurdles that have kept t-VNS from proliferating more widely. And finally, the Vagus Nerve Stimulation research brief examines how the Nervana t-VNS system has scaled those hurdles to offer what could prove to be the most effective and reliable Vagus Nerve Stimulation device on the market today. Feibus Tech RESEARCH BRIEF: USA Today Tech columnist. For more information read the entire brief here: vagus-nerve-stimulation_the-secret-to-nervana

Also checkout this article: the-serenity-in-nervana-what-it-is-and-how-to-get-it

Below are a few songs, OF MANY, that we’ve found sync really well with the NERVANA signal:

NERVANA Playlist:
* 06 Back In Black – AC/DC
* Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
* Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith
* Classic – MKTO
* Sorry – Justin Bieber
* I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
* Life Is A Highway – Rascal Flatts
* Beat It – Michael Jackson
* Shining Star – Earth Wind and Fire
* How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciples
* Midnight City – M83
* Stay The Night – Zedd
* Wake Me Up – Avicii
* One (Your Name) – Swedish House Mafia

NERVANA is Available to Order Now for a special, introductory price of $289 USD.

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Here is to achieving NERVANA,

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