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Life has a habit of changing course suddenly, and oftentimes a blissful, happy relationship is a façade for something more sinister that can turn dangerous in an instant. Or perhaps a chance encounter at lunch, on an online date or during a casual chat with co-worker in the office breakroom that appears benign and ordinary becomes a nightmare scenario for an unsuspecting victim.

When situations like these arise, you need to protect yourself, and one of the tools available is a restraining order. A restraining order, or protective order, is an order used by a court to protect a person, business, company, establishment or other entity and the general public in a situation involving alleged domestic violence, harassment, stalking or sexual assault.

The Berman Law Group can serve as your restraining order attorney in Boca Raton, providing legal expertise to begin the process of protecting yourself and your property from these threats and help to restore your peace of mind.

Florida stalkers

In one recent case in West Palm Beach, a restraining order was issued against a man stalking a woman. The man’s stalking included harassing phone calls and texts, sending his son to the woman’s work place to solicit information and even appearing across the street from her home and yelling obscenities from across the street at her. Scenarios such as this are all too commonplace, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have means to stop them.
Many cases in which a restraining order is needed involve domestic situations, where a battered wife feels like she has no alternatives and lives in fear of her former husband or partner. But the “bad guy” in these cases isn’t always easy to see coming, as in the case of Steven Glanz, whose ex-fiancé issued a restraining order against him.

Glanz had been harassing her for over four years, including a series of threating text messages that included statements like, “I have my house loaded with assault rifles scarface style” and “Send the swat team.” But Glanz didn’t wear a black hat or appear on the surface as some deranged person. Glanz is a doctor at Advanced Dermatology in Delray Beach, a respected member of the community, who the victim suspected was suffering from paranoia or schizophrenia, although he has never been diagnosed with anything of the sort. But because of the restraining order, he was arrested and the situation defused before it was allowed to escalate.

The Berman Law Group can serve as your restraining order attorney in Boca Raton.

Stalking on social media

Stalking has become more commonplace with the rise of social media and the ease with which technology allows us to find out intimate, private details of a person. From cyber-bullying to Facebook stalking to hacking, online predators have more tools in their arsenal than ever before to terrorize their victims.

A restraining order is a powerful defense against these predators. The same technology stalkers use to bully and frighten victims can be turned on them as evidence of their crime and be the impetus for a judge to grant a restraining order.
But the legal system is a tangled mess of laws and bylaws and legalese the Berman Law Group can help you navigate, especially in cases like these.
From celebrities to secretaries, no one is immune from the pain and mental heartache of stalking, which can cause mental anguish and can escalate to sexual assault or death.

Restraining order served on Facebook Messenger

Recently on Long Island, New York, an attorney was having difficulty serving a restraining order on a women’s husband and asked the judge for unprecedented permission to serve the husband in a unique way. The husband had a Facebook account and used Facebook Messenger often, so the attorney argued to a judge to be allowed to serve the restraining via Facebook Messenger.
This could become a powerful tool in the fight against stalking and harassment but without the proper legal assistance, like from the Berman Law Group, this decision might not have been rendered.

Restraining orders against fraudulent businesses

A restraining order is often a useful weapon to fight scams and fraudulent businesses that seek to steal or con money from unsuspecting victims. Recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracked down on several South Florida businesses who were generating and sending out ads resembling pop-up security warnings from Microsoft, Apple and other tech companies to appear on victims’ computers. The ads warned consumers their computers were infected with viruses, being hacked or otherwise compromised, then urged them to call a toll-free number for assistance. A temporary restraining was issued to freeze assets of the companies while the investigation was ongoing, potentially keeping those assets in play to make restitution to victims down the road.

Businesses in South Florida and around the world are in constant jeopardy from hackers, scam artists and conmen looking to steal. Oftentimes they are successful, but having a weapon like a restraining order on your side can mean recovering whatever was stolen.

Issuing a restraining order can be an painful process if the person is a former loved one, but it is tool that needs to be utilized through the Berman Group in order to protect yourself, your family and your business.

The Berman Law Group can walk you the process and provide sound, competent legal counsel in these cases. You deserve peace of mind, and you deserve the Berman Law Group.