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The world changes around us constantly, a statement more true today than ever, thanks to the polarized political climate gripping the country. Among the issues many people are passionate about, on both sides of the argument, is the case to legalize various drugs now illegal in many U.S. states. There are currently 26 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana with more surely to follow. But it is still a crime in the other 24 states to possess cannabis.

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Pain can lead to addiction

The country is facing an epidemic of opioid overdoses, and the numbers are staggering. The National Institute on Drug Abuse predicts over 30,000 people will die from opioid overdoses this year, while thousands of others will be arrested and charged with crimes, instead of being treated for their disease of addiction.

Much of this epidemic stems from previous medical doctrine of treating patients with chronic pain issues with potent, oftentimes dangerous opioids like Oxycontin and other painkilling drugs. But when the U.S. government stepped in and restricted the distribution of these drugs, many patients who had developed addictions had nowhere to turn, resulting in a spike in heroin use and otherwise productive citizens flooding the already overcrowded justice system.

When someone is dealing with an addiction, their judgment can be severely impaired, and instead of seeking professional drug counseling and alternative forms of medication, they seek relief in their drug of choice. But this can lead to legal trouble, and facing the state or federal legal system can be a daunting challenge.

The first thing a person who finds themselves in such a legal situation should do is retain legal counsel, and the Berman law Group is great place to start. A positive outcome of the case may depend on retaining legal representation early in the process.

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By immediately retaining legal counsel when facing criminal charges, you’ll have an experienced spokesperson to represent your best interests. The attorneys at Berman Law Group will guide you through the process and provide you with the best legal counsel in any drug-related case. By acting quickly to secure professional representation, a defendant stands the best chance for favorable results.

Athletes need protection, too

In addition to the thousands of anonymous people who are charged with drug crimes, there are headline-grabbing accounts of athletes finding themselves in the sights of overzealous leagues and prosecutors’ offices looking to make names for themselves. We are bombarded with stories of these athletes taking “banned substances,” which sometimes turn out to be tainted supplements that were ingested by these athletes with no malice intended, only with the idea to improve their minds and body through legal means.
U.S. track and field athlete Gil Roberts recently tested positive for a banned substance but was cleared by an independent arbitrator. Roberts claimed he tested positive for the masking agent probenecid after he and his girlfriend, Alex Salazar, engaged in passionate kissing which caused the banned substance to pass from his girlfriend to him. Salazar had been taking medication to treat a sinus infection, which contained the probenecid. But with experienced, skillful legal representation, Roberts was able to clear his name and resume his track and field career.

Sometimes, being innocent isn’t enough

In this country, the police have been under siege and heavily criticized for many high-profile incidents that have tainted their image as protectors and agents of the law. But the truth is the vast majority of police are upstanding individuals protecting the citizens of this country while dealing with intense and difficult circumstances day-to-day. There are, however, those instances when the police become the perpetrators and seek to falsely accuse someone of a drug-related crime.

In July in Baltimore, Maryland, a police officer was caught planting evidence in a drug case while two other officers watched, unaware their body cameras were recording the crime. Those officers are now under investigation by the state’s prosecutor’s office, but without proper and competent legal counsel, a defendant in a case like this could have ended up serving prison time for a crime they did not commit.
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An ever-evolving scenario

As the laws regarding drugs in this country continue to change and evolve, the need for high-quality legal counsel is higher than ever before. The attorneys at the Berman Law Group are there to protect you, regardless if you are smuggling drug mule attempting to provide a life for your family, a struggling college student looking for an edge to stay awake and study, or a struggling drug user gripped in the horrors of addiction, everyone deserves legal counsel.

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