Good job kid; you can dribble a basket ball. You are ten-years-old and have the ability to be quick and nimble. I guess they only made one of you. You know what I was doing at ten? Miami hop tops, rail grinds and foot-jam tail whips on my Haro, ok? You know what else I was doing? The same damn thing you are. So were the other 37 boys in my 5th grade class yah little brat.

I loved this video. Not only is it professionally filmed and edited by some dude your dad knows, but it shows just how much shorter you are than the rest of your classmates and means that if you don’t hit a serious growth spurt in the next five years, you have about a 1.7% chance of ever playing pro ball. Good luck, because I just can’t figure out who thinks you are going to the NBA more, you or your father. I gotta give you some cred for being completely adorable though. When you quoted the bible, then said your parents wanted you to be a kid, it was priceless. I read the bible once too, just once. Then I returned to being a normal kid with friends.

"Momma says girls are the devil."

Ah, it’s all good little guy. I’m probably jealous, but I gotta tell you. My favorite part is when you say, “I wanna be the leader of the team” as you take the the ball to the hole. Nice work being a team leader there Kobe. Guess God forgot to let you know there’s no “I” in team. One more thing….at the 2:53 mark, you were showing off and messed up bad. I don’t know what you were trying to do there, but who ever thinks of you as the best b-ball player your age has either A) never left your hometown, or B) is an immediate member of your family. I will be watching out for you in the next couple weeks as I’m sure your father is already making another video about how good you play the piano. And if you do ever make it to the NBA it is only because this Youtube video gets you on the Tonight Show, leading to you singing the National Anthem at the NBA championship in June, ultimately getting you a full ride to Purdue or some Big Ten school. Hey, it works for people who need kidneys, why not you?