Arizona State School Superintendent Tom Horne

Arizona, fast on a race to become the stupidest state in the union, has passed a new law banning all Ethnic Studies in elementary and secondary schools. The bill was pushed through by state school superintendent Tom Horne and was signed into Arizona law by Governor Jan Brewer.

Prior to this piece of mindless legislature, Horne spent two years trying to get schools to drop their Mexican-American studies program because it “taught Latino students they where an oppressed minority.”

The bill comes right on the heels of Arizona’s new controversial immigration law that requires all immigrants to carry their registration papers on them at all times, allowing the police to question any individual’s immigration status in the process of enforcing any law or ordinance.

Most people feel this will lead to racial profiling and is frankly just un-American. Los Angeles has gone as far as to approve a boycott of Arizona based business and governments until the state overwhelmingly repeals the new immigration law.

Right now Los Angeles is estimated to have $56 million in contracts pending with Arizona based businesses.