Naughty By Nature Reveal The Origin of “O.P.P.” It Really Was Other People’s Property.

Naughty By Nature was one of Hip-Hop’s biggest acts of the 1990s. These guys are still together, recording, and touring. Treach, Vinnie Rock, and Kay Gee broke through with three simple letters: “O.P.P.” Now, the title to the 1991 Tommy Boy Records single is permanent part of the pop culture society.

Treach revealed that the expression was from an East Orange phrase in the streets. “The actual phrase ‘O.P.P.’ came about from an O.G. in our hood, Mustafa Brown. He always used to say, ‘I’m down with O.P.M. Other People’s Money.’ One day we didn’t even do it consciously we said, ‘Fuck that, we down with other people’s pussy, and other people’s property.’ Mu’ Brown never smiled, but he cracked up so much at what we said, that he shed tears. At the time, it wasn’t for a song, it was just a joke we had. We kept saying it, and the phrase just grew.”

Now in 2016, 25 years later the song is still fresh as fuck and on the radio once in a while.