MTV is obviously trying to ride the Situation (Mike Sorrentino) all the way to the bank. As they have just begun secret negotiations with him for a possible season 4. What happened to Season two and three you say? Well apparently the producers of the Jersey Shore shot enough footage during season two for TWO more seasons. The plan is to use the Miami footage as season two and the season two footage of their trip back to seaside heights as season three. In the deal the Situation would get a $60,000 to $180,000 bonus depending on ratings for season two and 27,500 to 45,000 an episode for season 4. Not a bad pay raise for a former male stripper who prior to this was only making 10 grand an episode. The Situations is expected to make his decision in the next couple days. If I had to guess hes gonna sign and fist pump is way into some series cash and the MTV hall of fame.