TMZ has an Australian reporter and the man recently met up with Carly Chaikin, the star of Mr. Robot. The show’s premise revolves around hacking to change the world and it glorifies the use of hacking to attempt to change the world for the better and fight evil corporations. The Australian reporter asked Carly if she thinks the show is encouraging hackers because the show is showing hacking as something very cool. Carly laughed and said she does think that the show is doing that and that “We are giving people ideas,” Carly said in response to the question.

Carly was sitting outside the airport with her luggage while smoking a cigarette. Carly then goes on to talk about the series and the changes from season one to two. The reporter starts asking her about her own internet usage and Carly mentioned that she keeps getting hacked. Carly is scared and said that she is talking to people to get it fixed.