A mountain biker’s dramatic wipeout near Lake Tahoe in California was captured on his body camera. He crashed into a surprising obstacle — a bear. The 26-year-old biker was not hurt. In a post online, he joked the bear was gone before he could ask if it was alright.

It’s a good thing this guy was wearing a helmet (and a helmet-mounted camera). Davis Souza was burning down the Mills Peak mountain bike trail in California last week when he was suddenly faced with a bear cub running out of the shadows and cutting across his path. Souza flipped over his handlebars and landed with a huge “Oh f*ck!” He turned around to see that the bear was long gone – hopefully meaning it was relatively unphased by the crash.

Thanks to the joys of head-mounted cameras, the whole thing was caught on video. Souza then uploaded the footage to Instagram (below), along with the caption: “This bear came out of nowhere and was gone before I could ask if it was alright or anything… “