Thugs will be Thugs!! Those crazy Vick brothers!!


We all remember the Michael Vick saga. He was on top of the world as the golden boy QB of the NFL. Then came the dog fighting conviction, prison time and a return to the sport. Vick is a backup QB for the Philadelphia Eagles and really doesn’t get on the field much.  

Fast forward to his current situation. Vick, who remains on federal probation following that two-year prison term for dogfighting, celebrated his 30th birthday with a party at a Virginia Beach club. A shooting reportedly occurred as the club was closing. A fight broke out, and like many club fights, it ended in gunshots. A spokesman for Virginia Beach Police said the shooting occurred around 2:10 am, just as the club was closing. Vick insists that he was not present when the shooting occurred. He claimed that he left around ten minutes before the incident. The video tapes, the police and others who are speaking up beg to differ on Vick’s account.  


One unnamed man was shot in the melee. That victim initially refused treatment but then went to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A police spokesman said that the victim and witnesses were being “uncooperative.”  

At first there was no indication that Vick was involved in the shooting. The mere fact that someone possibly came to the birthday party of a guy on federal probation with a gun in his (or her) possession could invite the feds to examine very closely whether Vick has honored all terms of his supervised release — which usually includes not hanging out with folks who carry guns.  

Then came the news that the man that was shot at the party was Quanis Phillips, one of the co-defendants in the infamous dogfighting case that landed Vick in prison. It is believed that he was shot after a confrontation with Vick. The reason for the confrontation is unclear, but many think it was in response to Phillips not being welcome at the party. According to reports, Phillips showed up to the party even though Vick is not supposed to be associating with any of his dogfighting co-defendants.  

Witnesses say there was a confrontation between Phillips and Vick inside the party, that the confrontation then moved outside, and that’s when Phillips was shot. Vick’s lawyer, Larry Woodward, says Vick was not involved and was not present when the shooting occurred. According to the Daily Press report, there were witnesses who “don’t want it to be known if they were witnesses.” Police say the victim and witnesses were uncooperative.  

Much of the talk centers around whether Phillips was an invited guest or just a party crasher. Vick had been warned by the NFL and the courts about the type of people he can surround himself with. The party guest list shows that Vick did not take this all to seriously.  

The problem for Vick is not just that the incident itself occurred. He has been questioned multiple times as have others such as teammate Roddy White. The story being told was that Vick and White left the party before the shots rang out. Vick went to police on his own to give his account, even though he was not even asked to. It seemed like a smart move to show you have nothing to hide. The problem is, that his timeline is not checking out.  

The owner of the restaurant that hosted Vick’s birthday party last week says he has video of Vick and “his entourage” driving away from the restaurant at 2:07 am, only three minutes before gunshots were fired in the direction the cars went. “I’m not saying that Michael Vick did the shooting,” said the owner. “But he did not leave [long] before” the shooting like Vick told police, according to Vick’s lawyer.  

The story took a crazier twist, when it was being discussed that Michael’s brother, Marcus, might have had something to do with the shooting. Marcus himself, a QB that had a very short stint with the Miami Dolphins, has his own legal issues. Marcus Vick makes Michael look like an angel, as his charges range from DUI, probation violation, suspended license, brandishing a firearm, and a lawsuit in which a 15 year old girl accused him of solicitation of sex as well as providing marijuana and alcohol.  

Sources in Virginia Beach have began buzzing about Marcus Vick’s role in the shooting. As the whole thing stands right now, police have a serious interest in both, as Michael Vick’s story about leaving 20-30 minutes before the shooting has big holes in it due to the video that shows otherwise. That same video shows that Marcus Vick was still at the party when the incident occurred.  

Treez Says: Bottom line…this story will continue to pick up steam. These guys look like they are going to be in some major trouble unless someone steps forward and takes blame for this, or the police catch the person on their own. If the NFL and Roger Goodell hand down punishments like they have in the past, this might be the end of Michael Vick… the NFL at least!