As I sit here listening to Laura Marling’s “Blackberry Stone,” an idealistic vision of what I’d like the music industry to be passes before my brain’s eye along with all the other possiblities: movies, art, books, etc. If I could lounge on a porch with some pot and a drink on a quiet Saturday like today while artists such as Marling come around and perform for me, I would gladly sit there and give my money to those I enjoyed on a regular basis. I would pay them for the beauty they would convey to me, and it would be a valid trade-off.

I know it sounds impossible, but with a world economy that is collapsing and an entertainment scene going to the dogs, it might be an interesting DIY concept that never fully reaches fruition but just might see some odd variations as the years of Beyonce and Nickelback drag on…(at least Kanye West’s last album was decent. Maybe that provides some hope for humanity, as well).

I know it does not mention the song directly too much, but that indeed is my review for this particular song, “Blackberry Stone,” by Laura Marling. As I sat here listening over and over, this is what it made dreadfully apparent in my mind–a pleasantly unexpected romantic hope for the future. To me that is what the song sounds like, anyway, and it is inspiring.