So when seeing this, your first reaction is, “How did this lil’ porker even get on this ride?” Great question. But he got on, and for that, as Daniel Tosh says, we are thankful. So it is chubby and what can be assumed as his Mom riding this roller coaster, and things are not going too go well for this kid.

This video is so great. About 15 seconds in, he slips down in his seat. His straps are now choking him. He screams to “Stop it” (the coaster) like 20 times. As he slips further in his seat, he does his best to pull himself up but he can’t. All the while, his mean bitch of a mother is laughing at him hysterically. In her defense, there is clearly nothing she can do. But her laughter has to only make things worse for the kid’s feelings, and she just can’t stop herself.

As the ride is ending he cries out that he is stuck, only to make her (and you) laugh even more!

Owww…this HURTS…this HURTS…owwww..this HURTS…It isn’t funny…this HURTS!