Uruguay may be small, but its big heart – Montevideo- creates relaxing vibe and a lifetime of memories.Uruguay is emerging as one of South America’s favorite destinations. Its capital has a warm, temperate climate, pleasant sea breezes and miles of boulevards.

From Montevideo’s Telecommunications Tower you can see the hill that gave the city its name.Another tower, the Palacio Salvo looms high above the Plaza Independencia in the City Center. Under this square is the mausoleum for the country’s revolutionary hero José Artigas.Nearby Plaza Matriz is the city’s oldest square and home to the 18th-century Metropolitan Cathedral, the focal point of Uruguay’s Old Town.

Soccer is very big in Montevideo and in 1930 Uruguay hosted and won the first-ever FIFA World.Another proud local tradition is “parrilla” and the best way to try it is to buy cuts of meat in the Mercado del Puerto, and have those cooked for you on the spot.

The 19-mile long promenade, La Rambla leads to the city’s favorite playground: De Los PocitosBeach.To the east of Montevideo, if you follow the coast, is Piriápolis. This beach resort offers great views from its hilltop San Antonio Temple.

The next highlight on this road trip is the lighthouse of La Paloma on the Cabo de Santa María peninsula.