2010 Bunny Talk Spokesmodel Challenge Winner Leola Bell with Diana Laura and Nikko Capria

Say “Hello” to Bunny Talks 2010 Spokesmodel Challenge winner, Miss Leola Bell.  For those of you not in the state of know, Bunny Talk is the hottest TV and radio sensation to hit South Florida.  With Playboy Playmate Di Laura at the helm, unsigned models and artists are given a venue to share their work and get noticed.

Bunny Talk Radio recently hosted the wild time you’d expect a Playmate to create at their 2010 Spokesmodel Challenge held in Miami’s Kitchen 305, located in the Newport Beachside Resort.  Hosted by Di Laura, the cutest Bunny since Easter, and the dynamic Nikko Capria, the lovely and talented Leola Bell of Boynton Beach was Bunny-crowned, beating out the competition in a unanimous decision.

For the latest in events and for more information, visit www.bunnytalk.biz or hit up their Facebook page.

Be sure to check out Bunny Talk: We’re All Ears streamed live every Wednesday night  at 9PM on W4cy.com. This week, check out South Florida Chronicle’s own CA Conover,  live with all the Bunnies and their special guests, taking it from the pages of the Chronicle straight to your ears about what’s hot, chic and super sweet in South Florida!

For more about Miss Leola, click it.

Say 'Hello' to Bunny Talk's new hottie!

Name: Leola Bell

Age: 25

Current City: Boynton Beach

Education: Psychology major at FAU & Nova Southeastern

About Leola: She got her start in modeling working with Shore Princess swimwear out of Miami and is currently available for bookings at leaolais@gmail.com.

About Bunny Talk: “I entered in the Bunny Talk Spokesmodel contest and Won! I am looking forward to working with the wonderful crew of bunny talk, and all the amazing opportunities that lie ahead!”