mill1-300x300 Are you ready, Milwaukee? Can you feel the excitement racing through your collective veins? You know what time it is. Throw some brats on the grill, grab a Milwaukee’s Best Ice, and get ready for the most entertaining season of Bucks basketball of your lives! Oh, you forgot that you even had basketball in Wisconsin? That’s alright, you’re not going to miss anything out of this so-called NBA team this year anyway. This year’s version of the Milwaukee Bucks has to be the worst team in the league by far. They have one supremely talented player in SG Michael Redd and that’s all. Redd has a feathery touch and a release that’s among one of the quickest in the NBA. He can get his shot off at any time, but he truly is the definition of a one man show for the Bucks. Center and former number one overall pick Andrew Bogut is decent. He averaged 11/10 last year, but those are hardly the numbers you want out of a player who was supposed to be your franchise. The other three ‘starters’ couldn’t start for another team in the league. PG Luke Ridnour is average at best, and PF Amir Johnson (who?) is completely unproven. Then you have Milwaukee’s own (just kidding) Luc Richard Mbah a Moute! If this squad doesn’t put the fear of God into it’s opposition, than I don’t know what does. They only have one reliable bench player in power forward Kurt Thomas but there is only so much an 80-year old man can do coming off of the bench. Get your laundry ready, Milwaukee, because the Bucks are going to be in the cellar all year round. Prodigy’s take: I don’t really have much to say about Milwaukee’s Bucks, but I have plenty to say about its beer. If you haven’t shotgunned an ice cold Milwaukee’s Best than you haven’t lived. Show up to your next house party with an 18 pack of “the Beast” and you’re gonna be the life of the party. After a couple of shotguns, funnels, and a few games of flip cups, you’re getting lucky for sure when you bust out “the Beast.” Milwaukee’s Best: the ultimate panty dropper! Drink responsibly, kids. Prediction: Last in Central and the NBA.