Major Mistake Dating Micheal Lohan, eh Kate?


Kate Major is pissed and calls ex-fiance Michael Lohan “…a disgusting human being and father” amidst an escalating domestic battle that now has Lohan attempting to sell some not-so-flattering nude shots of Major to the highest bidder.  

The former Star Magazine reporter claims that Lohan took a series of photos of her while she was sleeping without her knowledge or consent while they were engaged and has sicced her attorney William O’Conner on anyone who attempts to reproduce them.  

Lohan was charged by the Southampton Police for second degree harassment after Major filed a report against him following an alleged incident in their home in the beginning of July where Major stated that Lohan threatened to kill her. Lohan claims that Major “invented” the story because she needs money and revealed that her father has evidently cut her off.  

Lohan’s lawyer Lisa Bloom claims, “Michael Lohan 100% denies each and every one of Kate Major’s allegations. He has never threatened to harm her, never assaulted her, and never physically abused her in any way. Kate was heavily intoxicated during the verbal argument between Michael and Kate in the early afternoon on Monday. Michael Lohan has been clean and sober for six years [and is] fully cooperating with the police investigation. No charges have been filed. He expects to be fully vindicated.”  

Lohan will be formally arraigned on August 18 back in New York. In the meantime, he’s been in L.A. soaking up the spotlight surrounding little Lindsay’s incarceration carnival. See what a great dad he is, Kate? He won’t miss a chance to ride his kid’s coattails, even if they are correctional orange issued ones!prma  

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