Official fight preview video:

The weigh-in: Michael Bisping no stranger to shit talking, tells Dan Henderson “fuck you” “your going to get knocked out” etc. But he also talked a lot of trash the last time they fought, and Dan Henderson knocked him out in highlight real fashion in that fight.

Rogan breaks it down: Insight on the upcoming fight from UFC expert commentator Joe Rogan.

Henderson’s brutal knock out of Michael Bisping at UFC 100: Ouch!

Henderson’s last fight: Henderson is fresh off the knock out of Hector Lombard. So he is anything but all washed up, Lombard is no joke I have seen the man fight live, he hits like he has bricks in his hands. Yet, Henderson knocked him out with ease. Henderson has however lost two fights recently to not so great opponents. But coming off this fight, with the confidence of a knock out against Bisping before, can a great fighter like Henderson channel one more knock out? I think its possible. But definitely not guaranteed.

Henderson is not invincible: Hendo has lost his share of fights in the UFC. Check out below in his fight against Anderson Silva where he got chocked out after a long body lock by Silva. Then below that he lost to Daniel Cormier on his way to the top as well.

This fight could honestly go either way. One fighter has the experience and a past victory on his side, but the other fighter is in his prime and fighting at home in the UK.

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