Gail Posner with her Cartier collar and specialty wig-wearing dog

Gail Posner and her gold-digging dog.

MIAMI, FL- Gail Posner, daughter of the corporate takeover tycoon Victor Posner, died in March at age 67. However, before her unfortunate passing, she made sure that her three dogs would continue to be pampered pets by bequeathing her $7 million Miami Beach mansion and a $3 million trust fund to the pooches, with another $25 million being shared by full-time household staff members who, by the terms of the will, are responsible for their care.

Posner’s only son, Brett Carr of California, who incidentally only inherited $1 million from his dear late mother, has filed suit in Miami-Dade to contest the will, claiming that his mother’s staff members took advantage of her illnesses, plied her with pain meds and coerced her into leaving her fortune to the dogs where they would ultimately come to control the estate by agreeing to care for the canines after her passing.

Posner is described by Carr as “deeply disturbed” in court documents and his attorney Bruce Katzen was quoted as saying, “Gail had a serious drug problem. She had cancer and suffered from bipolar disorder and was easily influenced.” Carr believes his mother’s entire estate should have been left to him as the sole heir and is contesting the will for the full amount.

Until the matter is hammered out in court, the richest dogs in Miami, Conchitta, April Maria and Lucia, continue to live in the lap of luxury, bejeweled in Cartier collars, wearing custom-made wigs and being driven to elite doggie day spas in fancy cars. Lucky bitches.

**Perhaps wishing to come back as a dog in a next life isn’t such a bad thing. Even if you don’t end up as some rich person’s dog, at least you’ll still be able to lick yourself…there’s always that.***