In what could possibly go down as the biggest “decision” in the history of the National Basketball Association, LeBron James has announced that he is joining our Miami Heat. As the world watched and listened to all of the rumors for the past two years on where King James would choose to rule, the decision came when LeBron chose winning over money and is partnering up with his buddies D-Wade and Chris Bosh to form the holy triumvirate in South Florida. Never before have the top three players who are in their prime at their respective positions put money in the backseat and focused on forming a dynasty as their number one goal. The whole NBA landscape has been tossed on its head now that James is “Bringing his talents to South Beach”. Although a championship is not just handed to you in professional sports, when you put three athletic machines of this caliber in place, it becomes a whole lot easier. James, Bosh, and Wade all have had different paths to this culmination, so let’s take a closer look at the newly assembled, modern day Three Amigos.

LeBron James

Clearly the cream of the crop when it comes to basketball players around the world, LeBron James is ready to take South Beach by storm. Dubbed “King James” during his sophomore year in high school while playing for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, James has been bred for this type of spotlight. After numerous player of the year awards and state championships, “The Chosen One” has been on the national radar his whole career and can handle the scrutiny that comes along with being a superstar. ESPN began televising James’s high school contests, and from watching just one, you knew that he was the next big thing. After signing a $100 million shoe deal with Nike before he even played a professional game, he was drafted by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers with the number one overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. He was instantly dominant when he took the court for the Cavs, and the whole world knew that he had the chance to be the best player in the league in no time. He single handedly saved the Cavalier’s franchise along with bringing in revenue that the city of Cleveland sorely needed. Throughout his seven year Cavs career, he consistently averaged over 28 PPG, 7 APG, and 7 RPG while leading Cleveland to multiple playoff births and national prominence. He has become a media mogul with endorsement contracts including Nike, Sprite, Bubbalicious, McDonald’s, Vitamin Water, and many more while hosting such television programs like the ESPY’s and “Saturday Night Live”. While he is always going to be the best player on the court, LeBron is much bigger than just basketball.

What brought him to Miami?

Many factors obviously came in to play when “The Chosen One” got to do the choosing this time around, but at the end of the day it all came down to winning championships. Winning has become the only thing for LeBron now and that’s what you want out of your star players. Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Kobe all have that mentality and they’ve all got multiple titles. That’s what it’s all about. No matter where he went to play next year, he would have gotten a “Max Deal” for top dollar but that clearly wasn’t enough. Let’s face it; if you go out to dinner with LeBron he’s picking up the check 100% of the time. Money is no object to this man. Joining NBA All Stars and Olympic teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh gives LeBron the best shot at championships and NBA immortality. Many around the nation are portraying James as the villain for his so-called abandoning of Cleveland, but I don’t. Cleveland had seven years to put the pieces together for James to win a title but failed miserably in doing so. Not once did they bring in another shooter that could make a shot when the unselfish James got them them the ball. Last year they brought in an over-the-hill Shaq and Antawn Jamison to take some pressure off of LeBron. A washed up big man and an undersized forward clearly wasn’t the answer. Get over it Cleveland, you blew it. Now King James gets to soak up the sun and live the night life in Miami. We welcome you with open arms in South Florida LeBron, glad to have you aboard. Sure as Hell beats Cleveland!

Chris Bosh

Coming in as the most unheralded of the three superstars, Chris Bosh is actually the main reason that this union came about. While every team was obsessing about trying to gain the services of either James or Wade, it was Bosh that was secretly the key to the deal going down. Both Wade and James had been courting CB4 in hopes of luring the other one to either Cleveland or Miami. When it was known that Wade had successfully swayed Bosh down to South Beach, James was all in at that point. Without Bosh being part of this deal, there would be no dream scenario that we have today.

People seem to forget amidst all of the LeBron and D-Wade hype that Chris Bosh is one hell of a player and always has been. After leading Lincoln High School in Dallas to a state title, Bosh was a consensus McDonald’s All American. He decided to take his game to the ACC and joined the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets where he put up 16 and 9 during his Freshman campaign. One year of college was all it took for scouts to see that Bosh was a sure thing in the NBA, and he was selected fourth overall in that 2003 draft class which included (James first, and Wade fifth). The reason Bosh gets overlooked by the casual fan is that he has been honing his craft in the great white North for the Toronto Raptors for the past seven seasons. Any NBA diehard will tell you that Bosh has developed into the premier power forward in the game today with his soft stroke and shot blocking prowess. He leads the Raptor’s franchise in just about every category you can think of and is now coming back to America to showcase his undeniable set of skills. His career numbers of 20 and 10 a game speak for themselves. Bosh was also a vital reason that the United States won Olympic gold in Beijing where the other countrys couldn’t contend with his size and length. It was there that the three of them reportedly started discussing joining forces in 2010.

What brought him to Miami?

I think we can all agree he came to Miami solely because of the weather. If you had to choose the Miami sunshine compared to the Toronto snow, Miami would win in a land slide. Seriously though, Bosh has been stuck in a no-win situation with the Raptors. Sure he could stay and get paid, but the prospects of an NBA title are slim to none. He’s tired of losing and wants to win now. It’s time for Chris Bosh to become a household name. His good friend D-Wade took him out on the town and lured him back to the good ol’ United States of America. Welcome home Chris.

Dwyane Wade

Our hometown hero is staying put in Miami and is bringing his friends. What more can you say about Mr. Wade? He’s already brought us a title and now he has turned into master recruiter for the Heat and is poised to bring the title back to South Florida for years to come. Not only is Wade one of the best players of his generation, but he is a pillar of our community who works tirelessly to improve the lives of those less fortunate in Miami. Thanks for staying Dwyane.

Unlike James and Bosh, Wade wasn’t the high school phenom that those two once were. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Wade started his career as a Junior at Harold L. Richards High School. He was obviously dominant at that level, but his poor grades deterred all but three major collegiate programs, Marquette University, Illinois State, and DePaul University, from recruiting him. After choosing Marquette he gained fame in his Junior season leading the Golden Eagles to the Final Four and recording only the fourth triple-double in NCAA Tournament history. With almost nothing left to prove in college, Wade entered the draft and was the fifth overall pick by the Heat in 2003. After a productive rookie year, the rest is history. Wade developed into the game’s top clutch performer and secured the first Miami Heat NBA Championship in 2006. He was the Final’s MVP and transformed himself into the league’s most dynamic playmaker. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, a career 25,5, and 7 player, and a born winner. This is why the Heat is the team to beat for years to come.

What kept him in Miami

Simple. This is Wade’s town. He’s the big cheese here in South Florida. It’s a major market in the US, and it’s his playground. The Miami Heat is an organization that has shown in the past that it is committed to winning and will bring in the pieces to do just that. They have the best front office in the league led by champion among champions Pat Riley. There isn’t one player that hasn’t enjoyed playing under Riley whether it was as a coach or general manager. The guy just oozes success and people flock to that. Now Wade has two of the top five players in the league today at his disposal and is staying home to bask in the glory.

What this means for the NBA

This is, without question, the most significant set of free agent signings in the history of the NBA. The power has clearly shifted over to the top-heavy Eastern conference with the Heat standing above the Celtics and the Magic. These three basketball dieties have selflessly come together with the common goal of winning championships for at least the next six years. They all left at least $15 million of guaranteed money on the table for one chance at immortality. Now that the pieces are in place it’s time to go out and get it done. These three will not fail. They will not be denied. It’s an exciting time for all of South Florida now that we’ve got our Key, our Superhero, and our King.