This season is now officially gotten even crazier. The Miami Heat are calling out the fans. One major reason is how “fashionably late” Miami fans like to be. When games tip-off, there are tons of open seats. Including the ones on camera for the world to see. They are not exactly happy with the team spirit either.

The Heat are wondering, if LeBron, Bosh and Wade aren’t enough to get you there on time, then what is? Uhhh…nothing.

The Heat are even betting the cheapskate in you will get you there on time with discounts on your refreshments. How funny is that! This is all a part of their new “Fan Up” campaign.

What, you ask, does it mean to Fan Up? It means:

“Being in your seat for tipoff and staying there until the final buzzer.”

“Standing up and making some noise.”

“There is nothing fashionable about showing up late.”

“The early bird gets the goodies.” (Fans who arrive between 6:30 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. get discounts at concession stands, and some get free souvenirs).

“It’s time to show that HEAT fans do deserve this team.”