All Heat fans are well aware by now that LeBron and C-Bosh are nice and cozy and love the decision to come to Miami, and as much as the casual fan thinks you only need those three to WIN THE NBA TITLE, it simply is not true. The role players and bench will matter when it comes down to playing the Lakers for the title.

So Pat Riley and the Heat brass (with help from D-Wade & BronBron) have begun to work the magic. PF Udonis Haslem has resigned with the team. The terms are not disclosed, but it is believed to be MUCH LESS than the $5.7 million a year he was being offered from the Denver Nuggets. It is also being reported that once Michael Beasley (who was traded away to the Minnesota Timberwolves) signs and clears the cap room for the Heat, they will commence in signing former Cleveland Cavs C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who was leaned on heavily by teammate James to come to Miami. They are also going to sign former “Fab Five” star Juwan Howard and former Florida Gator, Mike Miller. Howard is 37 years old and entering his 16th year in the NBA. He is a definite team player that knows his role. Miller is a great shooter who now becomes the main outside threat. He can be shy though about putting shots upĀ and may be reluctant to take them playing with the “Super Friends”.