d wadeSouth Florida’s hottest ticket is back again to bring you another action-packed season when your Miami Heat fill up the American Airlines Arena and take on some of the NBA’s fiercest competition. Will the Heat return to being among the National Basketball Association’s finest, or will they stay in the middle of the pack for yet another year? Well, if Number 3 has anything to say about it (which he most certainly will), look for the Heat to return to the playoffs and make another championship run. Coming off his best statistical professional season to date (in which he averaged a ridiculous 30 points and 8 assists), superstar Dwayne Wade is ready to get back out on the court and carry this franchise to another title. Wade has consistently improved every year in the league since he was drafted 5th overall in the 2003 draft out of Marquette. Being picked behind the likes of LeBron James and Carmello Anthony, Wade showed his readiness to dominate at the NBA level from the get-go. In 2006, Wade carried the Heat ( Shaq included) to their first NBA championship, showing that he is one of those special players who can almost single-handedly will his team to victory. Coming into the 2009/10 season, Wade is playing the best ball of his career. Look for him to lead this young Miami Heat team by example yet again, while doing all of the little things it takes to succeed in the NBA.Even with Wade filling up the stat sheets game-in and game-out, it’s diving for loose balls and encouraging his teammates that make him the special player he is today. Wade is joined in the back court by up-and-coming young point guard Mario Chalmers. After winning a national championship with the Kansas Jayhawks, “the superintendent ” brought his winning ways to the professional level and helped provide a sense of stability at point guard. While Chalmers ran the show for the Heat, it was his defense that impressed as much as anything. He averaged 2 steals per and has that ability to anticipate and create turnovers as well. Chalmers is only going to step up his game this season with a successful rookie year under his belt and be more of a playmaker in ’09/’10. Small forward Michael Beasley is trying to put a turmoil-filled off-season in the rear view mirror and get down to business playing ball for the Heat. With a trip to rehab for marijuana (“You in here for some marijuana?”), Beasley looks to get his life back on track so he can go out and do what he loves best, play basketball. The second pick in last year’s draft has all the skill in the world to be a star in this league, but like so many before him, he must first conquer his personal demons. With the ability to score from the perimeter or on the low post, Beasley’s game has the diversity that others only wish they had. Beasley is a good kid overall, so look for him to dedicate himself to his team and play up to his potential this season. Power forward Udonis Haslem is solid if not spectacular. You definitely know what you’re going to get with the seven-year veteran from Florida. He’s brings his banging, inside play down on the blocks, and is guaranteed 10/8 a night. The only problem is this is pretty much his ceiling. While being consistent and capable enough for the Heat he’s never going to take over a game when it’s needed. His hustle is unquestioned and he most certainly maximizes his abilities. The Heat will need to upgrade this position in the future if they want to take some of the pressure off Wade and Beasley on the outside. Center Jermaine O’Neal looks to resurrect his career in this go-round with Miami. A once-perennial Allstar selection, O’Neal has been slowed of late by chronic knee problems. He might not get that 20/10 that we’ve become accustomed to, but when healthy, O’Neal can take over a game. Word out of Heat camp is that Jermaine is healthy and hungry to prove that he still has what it takes to be a dominant force. The Heat have just as much chance as anyone in the East this year simply because of Wade. In my view, he and LeBron are neck-and-neck. If you have someone who can take over a game at any given moment, then you have a shot to win it all year. Miami basketball is back, South Florida, so get down to the Arena and show support for YOUR Miami Heat!