I'm in Miami B*tch!!

It wasn’t a very exciting pick, but with Jason Taylor off to the hated New York Jets and stud DT Jason Ferguson suspended for EIGHT GAMES as a result of a violation of the league’s performance enhancing drug program, your Miami Dolphins selected Penn State defensive lineman, Jared Odrick.

The 6′ 5  (300 lb. plus) Odrick came off of his best season at Penn State, registering 43 tackles and seven sacks. Scouts have been drooling over Odrick for years, and his performance in this year’s Senior Bowl, which the Dolphin coaches witnessed firsthand, only validated it.

Odrick won Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year for 2009, and in a conference that is known for tough, hard-nosed defense, that is quite an honor. The legendary Penn State coach is so high on Odrick, he has openly compared him to some of the biggest names in the school’s storied history.

However, Odrick has had a run in or two with law enforcement, which here in South Florida is almost a pre-requisite for residency. In February, 2009 he had been cited for disorderly conduct after he allegedly fought with three Penn State students and another man in the early hours of the morning. He was charged on March 11 after police said he punched one of the individuals outside an apartment building in State College. The police citation indicated that alcohol may have been a factor in the incident. Police were notified about the altercation after the alleged victims looked up Odrick’s picture on Penn State’s football Website. Odrick was the only person cited in the incident. He was fined $430.

Treez says: Not a sexy pick but one that should fill a void. On offense, the Fins are pretty well set. We know Chad Henne is the guy. We know Ricky and Ronnie (if he stays) will be running the ball. We got Brandon Marshall and a core of young WR’s and TE’s that can catch the ball. The defense needed the focus, and the Dolphins did that. We will see how much this big guy contributes in the upcoming season.