Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miami Dolphins 1st Round Pick Mike Pouncey

(On what it was like to receive the call from the Dolphins and what was said) – “I was just waiting for them and they called me. It was (Head) Coach (Tony) Sparano and Mr. (Jeff) Ireland. They were asking me how my day was going and if I was, how I was doing and how I felt and they finally told me I was going to be their first round pick.”

(On whether he felt this was coming) – “I think I had a pretty good idea. This was the first team I had on my radar, and I think it’s a perfect fit for me and I’m glad I’m a Dolphin.”

(On what was going through his mind while the draft was taking place and wanting to be selected ahead of his brother’s slot from last year) – “It was real important (to get drafted before my brother Maurkice Pouncey). It shows all the hard work finally paid off. Me and my brother are fierce competitors, and I told him when I was coming back to school and he came out that I was going to get drafted before him.”

(On if he knows whether he will play guard or center) – “No, I’m just going to go out there and work as hard as I can and learn both positions, and it’s up to Coach Sparano and my teammates what position I’ll be playing.”

(On his impression of Coach Sparano during the pre-draft process) – “I loved him man. He and my offensive line coach (at the University of Florida, Steve Addazio), they’re good friends and they coach just like each other. I think we’re going to gel real well, can’t wait to get down there and meet him, but I thought he was a hell of a guy when I met him.”

(On what kind of player the Dolphins are getting with Mike Pouncey) – “A physical player that loves football that loves football and that’s going to give you everything he has and obviously that’s a great player that loves to win games and is a great guy.”

(On whether he was a Dolphins fan growing up in Lakeland) – “I grew up a Bucs fan but the Dolphins were right down the road, and I’m glad I’m a Dolphin. I’m glad I’m in the great state of Florida. I can’t wait to get down there.”

(On whether he would rather be assigned to either guard or center instead of learning both positions) – “It really doesn’t matter. I just want to go out there and first earn the respect of my teammates and just go out there and work as hard as I can and wherever I fall, that’s where I’ll play.”

(On what he can take from his brother’s success in his first season in the league) – “He brought through every step of the process, from Combine, now to the Draft, and obviously I feel like we’re the same player so I got some big shoes to fill, but I think I can fill those shoes.”

(On whether he can make the Pro Bowl in his rookie season) – “Well I’m just going out there to work hard. Hopefully I can be in the Pro Bowl, but I got to earn my spot on the team before I can even think about being a Pro Bowler.”

(On how he plans to handle the comparisons and expectations with Maurkice) – “Just go out there and work hard. Obviously I know I’m coming in with big expectations because all the success that my brother’s had, but I’m just going to go out there and earn the respect of my teammates and try to earn a spot on that team.”

(On how much interaction he had with the Dolphins throughout the draft process) – “It was fun. I met with them at the combine, had a great time, great meeting with them at the combine. They came and watched me at Pro Day so I thought it was a team that was definitely going to draft me, and so that was the number one team on my draft board, and I’m glad they picked me.”

(On Dallas possibly being the number one team on his draft board) – “Well when I was in Dallas I didn’t get to meet with the Dolphins. I mean, I was just taking my trips and from that meeting I didn’t say that was my number one team. I said I’d be shocked if they didn’t take me from the meeting that we had.”

(On whether he met with the Dolphins) – “The only meeting I had with the Dolphins was at the Combine, and it was a good meeting. We sat down, we watched film, I got on the board for them and I think I really impressed them a lot.”

(On whether the Dolphins brought him in for a workout) – “No sir, nothing.”

(On what his next step is in terms of getting down here) – “Well I think we got a rookie camp coming up next week and so I think that would be the first time I’d be down there.”

(On whether he thought the Dolphins were interested in him even though the Dolphins didn’t bring him in for a workout) – “I just think it was a perfect fit. I think they were just trying to hide it from other teams that they were interested in me. I mean I was kind of shocked that they didn’t bring me in or even work me out, but I was hoping on Draft Day they would pick me so I’m glad they did.”

(On what he needs to work on at the next level) – “Just keep improving on my shotgun snap. Don’t ever take it for granted, obviously if I’m playing center then that’s the starting point of each play. I’m just going to keep improving on that.”

(On playing against Marcel Darius twice a year every year) – “He’s a great player; obviously he’s a good player and every time we’re on the field it’s a great matchup. I love playing against him because he makes me better and I make him better. Hey, I’m a Dolphin; he’s a Bill so may the best team win.”