Russian scientists on a remote island in the Arctic have spent the last few days trapped inside a research station, fending off hungry hordes that have killed one of the station’s dogs and smashed windows while trying to get inside the station. The spokeswoman for the Sevgidromet State Monitoring Network, Yelena Novikova told The Guardian, “The bears usually go to other islands, but this year they didn’t. The ice receded quickly and the bears didn’t have time to swim to other islands. There’s no food on TroynoyIsland, so they came up to the station.”

A group of seven bears had besieged the five researchers at the weather station over the past few days. Luckily for the scientists, a passing ship delivered flares and dogs to help ward off the beasts. Novikova told the Guardian that such a large number of bears was “not standard.” She said the bears’ behavior, which had grown increasingly aggressive in recent days, was related to climate change and the ongoing reduction in sea ice. The desperate explorers had run out of flares and remained trapped inside.