P21  P27

“Pete Koza’s Metal Art” is well recognized in the art community with his metal 3d realism and custom fabrication. He is revolutionizing the process and technique of 3d texture in sheet metal for the purpose of abstract, artistic design. His local acknowledgement has been exceeded in more ways then he could have imagined, with art in restaurants and businesses displaying his design.

P40  P46

Promoting future business, he hand etches and hand paints each piece to create a 3D process with high-speed hand tools. Creating a definitive wow factor! His integrity and craftsmanship has been recognized in the community and public art sector. Growing everyday, his passion creates the opportunity to learn creative ways to impress, not only his following but new friends and customers as well.

P51  P50

This creates the opportunity to thrive on commissioned work. This is his innovative way to create a demographic to a new-age art collector. The positive energy he receives daily inspires him to focus on more artistic engineered applications. From the beginning, four years back, his main focus was tropical abstract palm tree design, working on beach scenes and Island art, from jellyfish to mermaids, and underwater reef scenes.

P48 P47  P45

His palm tree island art design has often been referred to by the public as……….” a modern highwayman”. This always creates excitement and inspiration for his unique ability and Pete himself. His art has reached areas of the world from South Africa to Martha’s Vineyard, Antigua, to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Vegas, and the most recent Brazil, along with many more places on the map.

P34  P38

In the United States, Pete has logged art in 39 of the 50 states, and that’s just with the customers who have told him where they were going…

P33  P30

You can find Pete on his website at:

P28  P29


P25  P24

Call him directly at:


and one of the most common places to find Pete is on Facebook page, where a lot of customers go to get a feel for what designs he has done. For 3 years, this hobby was done in his garage at home, and while working full time, he continued to master this technique. Now, over the last year exploding on to the scene, he has a full fledged work shop and has been able to quit his full-time job and support his family. A dream come true!

Maybe soon you will add a piece of his collection of artistic, abstract art to your decor!

P23  P22

Enjoy and thank you very much!

P20  P13

Josh Leidolf


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