According to an article by, Melania Trump is absolutely miserable with being the first lady.

Phillip Bloch who is a Trump family friend said “This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s,” “Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.”

Since inauguration day Melania has spent all of her time inside of Trump Tower. Inside the $100 million penthouse her son Barron has is own floor to himself.

The White House team has begged Melania to come and give her husband a PR boost by presiding over the white House tours and posing for a few photos. Melania declined to come.

It is also being reported that even though Melania is fluent in five languages, she is self-conscious of her heavy Slovenian accent.

Melania who always took her son to and from private school has called off her chauffeurs, instead having the Secret Service do it instead. Once Barron comes home they both stay in the penthouse doing homework and watching cartoons.

If Melania had her way she would spend most of her time at their Mar-a-Lago residence, where she is happiest.

Melania is unhappy with the way her life turned out according to a source. She is miserable.