Do you really gotta yell at her on the red carpet too, Mel?

Say what you want about whether Mel Gibson is the devil or just a guy who got caught saying things “we all say when we fight”. It looks like this might be the nail in Gibby’s coffin. Can anyone really take this guy seriously anymore? Maybe not, if you follow internet polls. Many people still support Gibson and have no problems with the audio tapes. Either way, Gibson clearly has some anger issues, and you can see he needs to attend an AA meting or three. Mel is currently being investigated for domestic violence and these tapes could very well hang this guy.

The media now has FIVE RECORDINGS of Mel going “ape sh*t” in every one, with former girlfriend and alleged “gold digger”, Oksana Grigorieva taking the brunt. It is amazing how calm she is as she listens to him go crazy.

In tape one, he rants over “foreign bodies” in the breast milk from her implants, the ridiculous size of her breasts, her tight clothes and how her provocative dressing will “get her raped by a pack of n*ggers”. He then rants that he no longer loves her or wants her.

In tape two, he is BONKERS!!! He screams how we will drive over to her and force her to listen to his rant. He makes a point how she “Sucks him dry!” Mel admits he’d hit Oksana, knocking out her teeth, while she was holding their child. “You f***ing deserved it,” he screamed. Mel Gibson, he admits to hitting Oksana Grigorieva and TWICE threatens to kill her. He gets so enraged, that he starts panting. It is one of the most powerful, crazed and bizarre episodes ever caught on tape from a major Hollywood star. He tells her how she should just smile and blow me, cuz I deserve it!” as well as “…a bat to the head…”

The third tape, Mel starts his rant about having to pay bills. He lets Oksana know that “her” money is “his” money. He calls her “a using wh*re” and that “he owns her”. He tells her that “she doesn’t count”. The star is clearly heard on audio saying, “I will fire (name omitted) if she’s at your house. I will make it known and fire her. I’ll report her to the f *cking people that take f *cking money from the wetbacks, ok?”

“You made me moneyless.” Oksana tells Mel. “I used to have hundred thousand dollars a year when you met me. You took me, you possessed me. Everything I am you own me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul. Everything! My career, whatever it is. Pathetic career. Whatever it is, it’s yours. You control me like marionette. I don’t belong to myself, only to you. I can’t do anything and I walk on eggshells always with you!” Mel ends the convo stating that he’s paying taxes instead of credit card bills, and that he hopes the daughter he has with Oksana “doesn’t turn out to be a c*nt, whore…like you!”

In the fourth tape, he starts off in a rage again. He argues how she fell asleep before sex, telling her he should have woken her so she could give him oral sex. He screams that “he will burn the whole house down…but blow me first!” He is panting and screaming uncontrollably. He finishes off by repeating how much Oksana is a pain in his ass!

In the final tape, he rants about having to sell his Lakers luxury box and that he has to sell all sorts of items including artwork. He claims he spent over 5

Would you let this guy scream at you, berate you, and rock this look....HELL NO!

million dollars on Oksana. In the tape, Gibson comes unhinged and shockingly claims that he is broke. The star has made tens of millions of dollars during his Hollywood career, but yells at Oksana, “I don’t have any f*cking money!”

With eight children and an ex-wife who got a considerable divorce settlement, Gibson blames Oksana for driving him into dire financial straights, all while panting and seeming to be on the verge of hyperventilating. “F*ckin’ user! You f*ckin’ used me! I will never forgive you!” he yells and then audibly pants for several seconds during his crazed tirade.

The bottom line is that no one should be verbally berated to this degree. I don’t know if she is a gold digger and neither do you. You can make the case that any woman who hooks up with a celeb falls into this category, and that isn’t right. Listen to the tapes for yourself. I would NEVER put up with that sh*t…I don’t care if you were in Lethal Weapon or Braveheart.


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