Can I just take this time to say God bless Simon Cowell for bringing Chloe Victoria into our lives. She comes to us straight from England via Simon’s new show X-Factor. Here’s a few deet’s on the Chloester: First off, she’s 19 and goes by many names, sometimes calling herself Chloe Mafia, Chloe Victoria or my personal favorite Candy. Second off, she’s hot and has been arrested 140 times. Third off…(wait for it)…SHE’S A HOOKER! Yes its true, dear Chloe was outed by an undercover reporter working for a British paper called The Sun who found her on an escort site advertised as “100 percent Yorkshire dirty slut” OMG, I think I love this girl. Sadly, I don’t know if I can afford her anymore because her rates have gone up to $400 an hour and $2400 a night after appearing on X-Factor. “I’m living the high life and it is an easy way of earning cash, in a good week, I clear ten grand,”Chloe told a second undercover reporter. Chloe is now the hottest ticket in England. Tabloids are lining up with 5 figure offers for interviews with the 19-year-old escort turned reality star. When asked about the Chloe situation, Simon said his show had no ban on hookers, “If a person applies to The X Factor it’s obvious they want to do something better with their life.” There it is folks, straight from the reality God himself Simon Cowell, never-mind the 140 arrests or the fact she’s a hooker, she’s young and hot let’s make her famous! Prepare the world, for Simon Cowell’s newest creation, the ultimate reality star, a hooker with a heart of gold, an escort turned celebrity, the real life pretty woman, Chloe Victoria!!!