A McDonald’s employee in Florida is being called a hero after he jumped through a window to help save an off duty police officer.

Pedro Viloria, 22, was working the drive-thru at the Doral McDonald’s when he noticed that a female customer at the window was having a medical emergency.

The customer seemed fine as she placed her order, but when she went to reach for her food she seemed to have trouble breathing. That’s when Viloria took action.

According to the news outlet, there were two kids in the backseat of the car and as the officer slowly drove away from the window she crashed her car into a median.

“I thought if those kids lose their mother today that’s gonna be tragic,” he told WSVN. “It is what a hero does. If I would have need to die to save that woman I would have done it.”

The name of the off-duty officer was not released, and there’s no word on her current condition.