With an Instagram post by Floyd Mayweather on Wednesday, the making of his boxing match against UFC star Conor McGregor became reality.

So buckle up fight fans. On Saturday, Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, Mayweather and McGregor – after two years of speculation and rumors – will meet in the ring.

Also, if you plan on watching the fight, get ready to spend some money. The price of the pay-per-view is expected to be near $100.

And what will you be getting your hard-earned cash? Not a lot.

You’ve read this here before, but McGregor doesn’t have much of a chance in a boxing match against Mayweather, perhaps the greatest pugilist of all-time.

This is not a slight against McGregor. We have mad respect for what the Irishman does in a mixed-martial arts setting. If the Aug. 26 fight were to be conducted under MMA rules, the ‘no chance’ narrative would be around Mayweather.

ESPN boxing aficionado Jeremy Schaap likened Mayweather fighting McGregor in a boxing match to Michael Phelps racing Usain Bolt or Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta playing quarterback in the Super Bowl against the NFL’s best defense.

Despite the experts telling us this fight is going to be a mismatch (and boring), public bettors will have their money on McGregor. Public bettors love longshots. Do you know why the hotels in Las Vegas are so big? Because people bet stuff like McGregor beating Mayweather.

Two prominent sports books in Las Vegas – the Westgate SuperBook and William Hill – re-posted odds on the fight upon it becoming official Wednesday. Both betting shops hung identical numbers, with Mayweather the -1100 favorite and McGregor the +700 (7/1) underdog.

Public bettors are usually not keen on risking $1,100 to win $100, an investment required for a wager on Mayweather in this spot.

Betonline.AG is already seeing action on the underdog. The online sports book has Mayweather listed as the -925 favorite, down from -1400 earlier in week before the fight was official, while McGregor was bet down from +850 to +525.

“The House will be big Mayweather fans,” Betonline.AG’s Dave Mason said. “95% of the early bets are on McGregor, who is wildly popular.”

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