There’s been a flood of bets on Floyd Mayweather in the days leading up to his fight against Conor McGregor, as multiple Las Vegas sports books have reported seven-figure bets on the undefeated favorite this week.

As we’ve been informing you here on VideoGod, Mayweather money was bound to show up. Betting on this fight is following a similar pattern seen for most prize fights: Casual bettors love betting underdogs because it gives them a chance to cash a big ticket while taking a relatively small risk. Bigger bettors wait for all that underdog money to move the odds on the favorite to a more attractive price before placing their wagers.

Sure enough, a customer walked into a William Hill sports book in Vegas on Thursday and plunked down $1.2 million on Mayweather at odds of -500; a Mayweather win would result in a $240,000 profit for this gambler. The MGM booked a $1 million bet on Mayweather at -550, a wager that would also net $240,000, per

While there have been way more bets on McGregor, the bigger bets have been on Mayweather.

We’re not telling you how to bet Saturday night (our experts will, though), we’re just pointing out that if you’re on McGregor, you’re with the squares (that’s a rather derogatory term for bettors who don’t know what they’re doing). If you’re on Mayweather, you’re with the sharps (pro bettors).

You shouldn’t necessarily be swayed by that notion. Squares don’t always lose, sharps don’t always win.

For the record, even with all the late money on Floyd, Vegas books still have massive liability on a McGregor win.  Vegas is in Mayweather’s corner, and Vegas usually wins.

But yes, squares are betting this fight, sharps are betting this fight, pretty much everyone is betting this fight. In fact, it’s already the biggest betting fight in boxing history. With 48 hours before the opening bell, the total dollars wagered at William Hill’s chain of 108 sports book in Nevada and via the company’s mobile app had already surpassed the previous record holder, Mayweather-Pacquiao (May 2, 2015).  Las Vegas insiders are expecting $80 million to be wagered on Mayweather-McGregor, compared to an estimated $60 million for Mayweather-Pacquiao, according to ESPN.

Said William Hill’s chief oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich, “It’s going to be the biggest fight handle ever. Period. Whether it’s boxing, gladiators or Game of Thrones.”

Surely helping the action along, there are lots of ways to get money down on the fight, as books are rolling out all kinds of props.

One betting option we like is ‘Mayweather by decisions’, available for a nice 5-to-2 price at William Hill. Mayweather hasn’t knocked anyone out since Victor Ortiz in November 2011, and nine of his last 10 opponents have gone the distance.

The bookmakers over at SportsBetting Dime posted numbers on a bunch of wacky props, such as odds McGregor does not land a single punch (7/1), odds McGregor breaches the fight contract by throwing a kick, elbow, or knee (19/1), and odds Mayweather’s in-ring interview includes the phrase “tougher than I (expected, thought, anticipated, etc.)” (2/1) or “worst opponent” (11/1).

Here some of the props offered at William Hill. And remember, if you want our experts’ picks on the fight, you can get them here. Our pick packages all come with a money-back guarantee.

Mayweather vs. McGregor props sheet by Tibor Rossi on Scribd