As of this writing, we’re only halfway through the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor promotional tour, but after its first two stops – in L.A. and Toronto – there’s plenty to talk about.

As he’s expected to be in the their Aug. 26 bout, McGregor has been the aggressor, taking shots at Mayweather’s fighting style, alleged failure to taxes, race (perhaps), and anything else in his sights.

Mayweather’s verbal counterpunches included taunts about McGregor being dressed too well, as well as challenging the Irishmen to bet his share of the purse (estimated to be at least $75 million) on the outcome of the boxing match.

The majority of the 30,000 fans at Wednesday’s tour stop in Toronto was overwhelmingly on McGregor’s side, greeting Mayweather with chants of “pay your taxes” as he came onto the stage. The IRS claims Mayweather owns $7.2 million in taxes from 2010, in addition to $22.2 million from 2015, the year he made $200 million to fight Manny Pacquiao.

That set up McGregor’s 10-minute tirade.

He opened by suggesting his microphone was cut off by Showtime, a partner of Mayweather’s, during Tuesday’s stop in L.A.

“(Mayweather) won’t do shit He won’t do f—ing nothing,” McGregor said, via CBS Sports. “And while we’re at it, f— Showtime, too.”

Some of McGregor’s bluster was directed at Showtime exec Stephen Espinoza, who was on the stage with the fighters. The cable network denies cutting off McGregor’s mic.

McGregor – who Tuesday predicted he’d knock Mayweather out within four rounds – went on to blast Mayweather’s defensive fighting style.

“I just want to speak to all the p——, all the pundit p——. The supposed experts,” McGregor said. “You’re f—ing crazy if you think this man has a chance. (Mayweather’s) head is too small. One shot is all it takes me. I’ll bounce his head off the canvas. I’ll dribble that shit. He never even fought a day in his life. He’s boxing’s biggest runner and it’s biggest bitch.”

Later, Mayweather retorted, “They say I was too small, they say I run like a bitch. But God damn it, 49-0. Yeah motherf—er, I run it until the motherf—ing bank.”

Tuesday in L.A., McGregor made what’s being perceived in some circles as a racist comment toward Mayweather.

“Dance for me, boy!,” McGregor said as Mayweather shadowboxed.

That prompted an angry Mayweather to “stalk toward McGregor, who quickly changed his tune,” the New York Post reported.

“Dance for me, son! Dance for me!,” he said to his elder competitor.

Meanwhile, Floyd’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., took the high road about the “dance for me, boy” comment, telling TMZ, “Racist? I don’t know what that got to do with race.”

Back to Toronto, where Mayweather, a big-time gambler, offered McGregor a not-so-friendly wager.

“If you believe in yourself like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check, you b—-,” he said, per Yahoo.

“No f—— problem. Send the contract, kid, it’s done.” McGregor responded.

Winner take all? That’s one way to make this upcoming event even more exciting.

The promotional tour continues with stops in Brooklyn on Thursday and London on Friday.