By John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Staff

The Supreme Judical Court today threw out the involuntary manslaughter conviction of a Milford woman whose child died during the birth that she undertook without medical assistance.

In a unanimous ruling, the SJC said it was not going to criminalize childbirths that take place when the mother chooses to forgo medical help.

“Existing criminal laws proscribing murder, most late-term abortions, and the neglect and abuse of children appropriately protect the State’s interests in safeguarding viable fetuses and living children without the need to subject all women undergoing unassisted childbirth to possible criminal liability,’’ Justice Barbara Lenk wrote for the court.

“Imposing a broad and ill-defined duty on all women to summon medical intervention during childbirth would trench on their ‘protected liberty interest in refusing unwanted medical treatment,’” Lenk wrote.

She added, “Moreover, such a duty is inchoate and would be highly susceptible to selective enforcement”

I guess this all stems from a lady named Alissa Pugh from Milford, Mass. On January 2, 2007, she tried to deliver her own baby while sitting on the john or something. Because she did not disclose to anyone that she was pregnant and the baby died, she was convicted on Involuntary Manslaughter in 2009.

The story goes on to say that she thought her water broke, sat down on the toilet, and tried to pull the fetus out of her baby maker with her own bare hands! After doing so, she said the baby was “all blue and limp”, and she threw him in the trash. Now, three years later, the high court may let her go free, considering that they dont know if her delivering the baby caused the death, and also that the evidence in the case does not prove intentional homicide.

Boy howdy, if this is any sort of clue that we are an overpopulated planet looking high and low for solutions, I don’t know what is. Go ahead, ladies, keep cranking the “Call Me Maybe” and forget the condoms. No you throw out your babies, as long as you don’t tell anyone,  the law says – it’s cool. Not even a big deal at all.

By the way: how uncomfortable does this make you feel? I bet you can’t watch 10 seconds of it.