When it comes to live television or radio it is imperative that you choose your words wisely and think before you speak.  Apparently radio personality Mike Greenberg from ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning”  doesn’t live by this same code.  While returning from commercial break he uttered this gem, “Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN radio, talking football with you on this Martin Luther Coon Jr. holiday…”  Whoa buddy!!!  Tell us how you really feel big guy.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more blatant, racist statement in my 15 years of journalism.  Now Greenberg has since apologized for his quote, unquote “mistake”, but you would have to think that there will be some disciplinary action to follow.  When Don Imus called the Rutger’s woman’s basketball players “nappy headed hoes” the country was up in arms and calling for his head.  That statement was deemed racist by almost everyone but can’t even touch the level of insensitivity displayed by Greenberg against the prominent activist and civil rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Now after having enjoyed “Mike and Mike in the Morning” for years it is time for me to turn my back on them forever.  Shame on you Mike Greenberg, shame on you indeed.