Damn it, why couldn't Michael just handle his shit!?!?

Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, is now facing manslaughter charges in the late singers death. Michael Jackson was 50 years old on June 25 2009, when he passed; his death has since been ruled a homicide. The cause of death: acute intoxication of the anesthetic Propofol and other sedatives, the very same drugs Dr. Murray has already admitted to giving the late pop star.

Dr. Murray was arraigned this month in California courts and has entered a plea of not guilty. Mr Murray and his legal team, led by Houston based attorney Ed Chernoff, are all due back in court on April 5. Until then, Judge Keith L. Schwartz advised Murray to limit his medical practice. The  California Medical Board then indicated they would be moving to have Dr. Murray’s medical license revoked with Judge Schwartz adding “I don’t want you sedating people”.

it seems clear that Dr. Murrays day’s of practicing medicine may be numbered. The prosecution plans on trying Dr. Murray on a theory of gross negligence which essentially means that his treatment of Jackson was extreme and departed from protocol normally followed by physicians. At the arraignment the prosecution requested that the bail be set at $300,000 but judge Schwartz wouldn’t go for it. Instead he set Dr. Murrays bail at $75,000 (still way over the average for a charge of this nature). If convicted Dr. Murray could face up to four years in prison.

The hearing was attended by all the C-class Jacksons i.e. Kathrine, Joe, Jermaine and even Laytoya who had this to say about her brothers death:

“I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served.”

From her statement, it would seem that the Jackson family believes there are more people to blame in the case of the slain pop star than just old Dr. Conrad Murray. Later that night the same accusation was backed up by Joe Jackson on Larry King Live. The Jackson’s want justice folks!

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(Justice? Well it seems a little late for that, but if we are really going to go through and prosecute everyone Micheal Jackson had contact with, how about starting with all the plastic surgeons who destroyed his face? Then move to the people who told him it was ok to have a zoo at his house then do a sweep of any parent who let their kid go to Neverland Ranch; they should definitely be in jail. Last but not least, how about the Jackson family themselves? What’s their role in all this? Are they not the ones that screwed MJ up in the first place? Thats right folks, I said it, these Jacksons are just as guilty as the doctor that put him to sleep. We all saw the movie Joe ,we know what you did, makin’ em practice all the time!