History was made once again, as the pride of the Philippines, Champion Manny Pacquiao completely demolished top contender Antonio Margarito in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium. Pacquiao did exactly what his camp, and trainer, Freddie Roach, said he would. He methodically sliced apart a boxer who had five inches on him in height, six inches of reach and 16 pounds by the ring of the bell.

By the 4th round, Margarito’s face was a total mess and Manny Pacquiao was in control. After the 5th round, Margarito’s right eye was almost totally shut!

By the 11th round, the cut under Margarito’s right eye was so bad and Pacquiao was doing such damage that Pacquiao kept glancing at the referee, expecting him to step in and stop the fight. Manny admitted after the fight that he had backed off a bit in the last two rounds because he didn’t want to damage the eye any more. The result was a unanimous decision and the WBC junior-middleweight title. The judges scored it 120-108, 118-110 and 119-109 for Pacquiao.

The win improves Pacquiao’s professional record to 52-3-2 and earns him the WBC light middleweight title — the eighth different weight class in which he has won a championship, an all-time boxing record. A feat that has never been done before and probably won’t ever be done again.

Manny said after the fight that he slowed down a bit in the final rounds because he felt sorry for Margarito. “I felt pity to my opponent, looking in his eyes and his bloody face,” Pacquiao said. “I never expected him to be as strong as he was.”

Margarito definitely has heart. He kept coming forward, plodding, lunging, lurching and occasionally landing.

“I am a Mexican. I would never quit,” said Margarito.

Roach was less diplomatic. He said the Margarito corner “probably ruined Margarito’s career by not stopping it earlier.”