Le rasage parfait (The perfect shave) mankindListen up, Men: Grooming isn’t meant to be a task, but rather an opportunity to present the best you have to offer. That takes commitment, and with that commitment, comes the daily chore of shaving. In a generally post-facial hair world, there is no way around it and for many of you, it’s simply not fun. We may not be able to make your daily shaving routine entertaining, but we can certainly help make it more enjoyable. First, buy a shaving brush. It’s not a gimmick: our grandfathers knew what they were doing. When you apply shaving cream with your fingers, you mat and curl the whiskers, laying them flat and promoting ingrown hairs. The hairs on a shaving brush act as a magnet and helps lift the whiskers away from the face, standing them up and allowing the blade to glide and cut more cleanly without pulling. Second, use pre-shave oil; oil acts as a lubricant and allows the blade to glide more smoothly with less friction, producing less irritation. This is important: do not press hard on the razor – let the blade glide. Follow my advice, and these six steps, for a guaranteed better shaving experience: 1. Wash your face with hot water to clean your beard. 2. Apply pre-shave oil. 3. Apply shaving cream with a brush over the oil. 4. Shave with the grain, then reapply oil and shave cream and shave against the grain. 5. Rinse your face with the coldest water your faucet will pour and PAT dry. 6. Apply an aftershave moisturizer containing no alcohol, to help re-hydrate your skin. Following these six steps, you will experience the shave of a lifetime, every time. Your face will love you for it. – Manley Guy When he isn’t searching the globe for the best in grooming, style, and living the good life, Manley Guy holds forth on these subjects and others at ManKind Grooming & Services in Fort Lauderdale’s commercial and fashion district.