A Manley Guy for all seasons

A Manley Guy for all seasons

You say you want a Resolution

Gentlemen…welcome to 2010. A New Year – and a new decade – is both a time to take a look back and one to plan to move ahead. In 2010, I will be offering you direction and laying the groundwork for you to refine some of your daily tasks in order to make them more enjoyable, and also offer advice on how to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures a little bit more. ManKind represents life’s savoring moments, when it’s time to sit back, relax & enjoy. Life is an experience, not a destination.

We believe men enjoy being men, and offer solutions and advice to nurture and transform a man into a gentlemen. Join us as we discuss fine cigars, good Scotch, simple skin care maintenance, and the way your clothes should sit on you. And don’t forget that South Florida is host of this year’s Super Bowl: expect us to throw in our two cents. So listen up, men! At ManKind, we look to be your one-stop shop and your source for answers to all your questions on living and being better everyday. And feel free to contact us with subjects you would like discussed at ManKind@ManKindForMen.com. Happy New Year, men! Now someone get me a drink!

– Manley Guy

When he isn’t searching the globe for the best in grooming, style, and living the good life, Manley Guy holds forth on these subjects and others at ManKind Grooming & Services in Fort Lauderdale’s commercial and fashion district.