– A San Diego County man created a bit of a problem when he went to pay off a $6,500 credit card bill with pennies. “Money’s money isn’t it,” Thierry Chahez said. “Different time, different branches and they all send me away and have a very bad attitude.” Initially, Chahez was told he needed to roll the coins, and he said he has tried to make the payment for days. “I brought them back, and now they’re rolled and they still don’t want them,” Chahez said. “Does my pennies stink?”    Chahez loaded the pennies into his van, all 650,000 of them rolled in plastic and put in crates. He then drove the pennies to his bank in Mira Mesa and unloaded them.The man said the bank turned him away several times. Eventually, he was sent to a branch with a bigger vault that could handle all the coins. Cahez said he decided to pay his credit card bill with pennies because he was upset with his bank over a refinance he couldn’t get, and charges and fees on his card.

Is there some reason why this guy has all these pennies but no mortgage?  It just puzzles me that the man can disicpline himself enough to save over half a million pennies but can’t balance his check book.   Like, be a professional for once man. I bet every time he thought about throwing a handful of the little copper chips in the garbage, he would go into the bathroom and cut himself. Yup, straight closet cutter right here. Somebody call suicide hotline on this guy.  Gotta give em credit though, how awesome would it be to stick it to the bank that wasted your time on refinancing..  Just straight walking in like a boss.  Wearing a tie and cap, crates full of copper.  Hero of the day right here folks..