What the hell is wrong with this man? Arthur Morgan III was sentenced to life in prison after the threw his 2-year-old daughter into a creek while she was still strapped to her car seat. To top things off, right before sentencing he apologized, but not for murdering his daughter but for the breakdown of the relationship he had with the baby mama.

This is what he said, “I want to say I’m sorry for the deterioration of what I thought was a beautiful relationship between the two of us that blossomed into a daughter. For anybody that was truly affected by this, I hope we can all heal from this situation, knowing Tierra is in a better place.”

The daughter’s mother, Imani Benton wore a dress embroidered with Tierra’s name and photos attached to it. Both the prosecutor and the judge lamented that New Jersey has abolished the death penalty. Superior Court Anthony Mellaci Jr. said, “Your actions were horrific, unthinkable, and appalling. This child was alive when she was placed in the water in pitch darkness, and had to suffer the unthinkable action of having water rush in and fill her lungs while strapped into that car seat. this child suffered before she died.”

Prosecutors alleged that Morgan killed his daughter because the 2-year-old’s mother had broken off their relationship. He wanted to punish her by taking the one thing he knew would hurt her.