When you run a website as powerful as mine. You spend a lot of time digging deep into the web and every once in a while you find something that is absolutely heartbreaking or in this case disturbing and heartbreaking. In this video a circus worker in a foreign country is attacked by a lion who is most likely abused and definitely not meant to be in captivity. As the workers try to free the man they kick and shock the lion. Forcing the lion to go for a better grip on his prey and remove him from the bars where he is getting shocked, the lion finds his grip on the mans neck and drags him to the center of the cage. At this point the trainers decide to use lethal force on the lion and kill him but it wasn’t soon enough and the circus worker was killed. To which I say stop trying to train lions to do tricks. Is an entertaining a bunch of kids with Lions walking upright and waving worth the life of a fellow human? I really don’t think so, and after going to the circus myself in this country recently for a story, I can tell you confidently that it is only a matter of time before this happens in the States.