Suspect Served Drinks To Customers For Four Days Before Being Arrested

Arrested After Newspaper Published An Article On The Bar’s Reopening

Auburn, CAA Placer County man has been arrested after he broke into a shuttered bar, reopened the business and started selling drinks to unwitting customers, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s department. The Placer County Sheriff’s department arrested 29-year-old Travis Kevie of Newcastle after his 4-day stint as the barkeep of the historic Valencia Club in Penryn which had been shutdown for more than a year. Detective Jim Hudson became suspicious after reading about the Valencia Club’s re-opening in a newspaper article that featured a picture of Kevie and identified him as the club’s new “owner/operator”. Not only had Detective Hudson had previous run-ins with Kevie, he knew the Valencia Club’s liquor license had been surrendered. Deputies describe Kevie as a transient. They say he broke into the Valencia Club and put an open sign in the window on July 16th. Kevie kicked off his business with a six-pack of beer he bought and resold at the club. He used his profits to buy more alcohol keeping the club open throughout the weekend serving about 30 customers a day, deputies say.

This man is truly my hero.. No, scratch that…  Americas hero.. Americas weekend WAR HERO.. How do you arrest this guy.. On what counts? Illegal operation of an unlicensed establishment, sure.. but don’t hate on the good old fashioned American entrepreneurship….  A sixer and a dream……  What a guy.!