Mark Madoff (right), photographed with his parents, Bernie and Ruth, in November 2001 in Long Island.

The Madoff family is imploding after son Mark hung himself in his Soho apartment last week. Biographer and Madoff family friend Jerry Oppenheimer told the NY Post that Ruth Madoff Bernie’s wife, considered this the end of her family saying that she blames Bernie for her sons suicide.

“Mark would not have died if it weren’t for what [Bernie] had done,”

Ruth told Oppenheimer. Marks suicide came two years to the day after the arrest of his father for the largest financial fraud in US history. Mark hung himself using a dog leash strung around a pipe in his Soho apartment. Just a mere ten feet away from where his young son was sleeping. Oppenheimer also said that the family did not believe Bernie is going to be able to live threw this horrific event.

Life always has a sense of karmic justice, doesn’t it? Just two years ago these people were overindulging, and living the high life on stolen money. Then, in what seems like some real wrath of God type sh*t their family is shattered, and no amount of money in the world can fix the damage. Almost makes you wanna go to Church doesn’t it? – Kid Chronic