Two! Two! Two stores in one! You heard that right South Florida. Lulu’s Boutique and Consignment has two stores in one! Lulu’s has become the most popular boutique and consignment outfit in Fort Lauderdale for the past six years when it comes to providing the hottest styles today at a fraction of the original cost. Ladies, your days of spending hours at the mall have come to an end. Shopping at Lulu’s is like having your own personal shopping Mecca at your disposal. Here is just a sample of some of the brands you will get at Lulu’s: ¬†Juicy, BCBG, Lucky Brand, Roxy, Billabong, Sinful, Abercrombie, BeBe, Hardtail, Ed Hardy, Miss Me, Bejeweled, Free People, Lucy Love, J Brand and many, many more! Come on girls, what more could you ever want in one store? The answer is absolutely nothing. Lulu’s has everything you want and need. To go along with all of the clothing options, accessorizing for South Florida girls is a must. With a wide variety of heels, flats, and sandals, Lulu’s has what you need for any situation that might arise. Whether it’s clubbing in Miami, soaking up some rays at the beach, or just your average day at work, Lulu’s has got you covered. Top that off with a wide variety of jewelry, scarves, bags, and purses, and you’ll surely turn some heads. Lulu’s is not only for the ladies, oh-no. What guy likes going to the crowded, overpriced mall to buy their girl clothes? None. Going to Lulu’s will give you a one stop shop for everything your baby wants. The knowledgeable staff will hook you up with exactly what your girl loves. Trust me; this will pay off big time. Now who out there has a bunch of clothes in their closets that they have worn once or twice or not even at all? Everyone. Lulu’s Consignment allows you to clean out your closet and cash in! Why let that Ed Hardy shirt collect dust when it can make you some extra cash? Lulu’s does all of the work for you so just sit back, relax, and count that money! Along with that, Lulu’s is now selling all manufacturer samples and gently used items as well. I think the choice is pretty clear on where you will be doing ALL of your shopping in the near future. Now everybody get down to Lulu’s conveniently located at 6214 N. Federal Hwy, in Fort Lauderdale or give them a call at 954-958-5858, and get the look you love all in the one place.