LuLu NeighborFood in Coconut Grove is One Special Spot!


Coconut Grove is all about the food and LuLu is topping the charts. The quality of food, service and atmosphere is unmatched. Lulu at the Grove is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Coconut Grove, offering a wide variety of dishes, and even the much sought after happy hour Coconut Grove menu.


At LuLu you are their top priority. That’s why they have committed themselves entirely to both fresh and organic local ingredients. In addition to that, they use the following ingredients and items, which definitely sets them apart from other restaurants:

• Freshly Ground Beef for Burgers
• Homemade Smoked Salmon
• In-House Baked Breads and Pastries
• Homemade Mustard
• In-House Infused Vodka


These home-grown and organic ingredients provide an authentic experience that you should come to expect when you are dining out in Coconut Grove – there’s no question about it. As the customer, you are entitled to the best of everything when it food, whether it’s brunch, Coconut Grove, dinner, or breakfast. The customer is the most important thing for their business, and keeping them properly fed? Well that’s just part of the job.


There are a ton of outdoor restaurants in the area, but LuLu is The Ultimate Coconut Grove Eating Experience and they believe that they showcase all of the best features. They have that sophisticated vibe you’re looking for, in a rather quaint setting. It does a great job of bringing people together for every meal of the day. Along with offering every meal of the day, they provide an outstanding carry out service that can be called in right from your phone. Place your order, visit the store, and your doggy bag will be right here, waiting for you. Enjoy Lulu’s at work, at the park, or even in the comfort of your own home. They have the best experience and a bit of everything. The nightlife in Coconut Grove is magnificent and many people find them by searching for Bars Coconut Grove!


For more info:

3105 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
305 447 LULU


Josh Leidolf